What People Say

See what our local Music Together® families have to say about our classes:

We have been in the Music Together program for 2 1/2 YEARS now. There are so many children's activities to choose from out there, but this one has so many positives, we just keep going! Children are exposed to socialization, organized (but flexible) play, music, dance, teacher instruction, and more all in a great environment. My girls are now 2 and 5 (almost) and both LOVE their teacher and the classes. Each one has participated in different ways. Rhea consistently actively partipated all along, to the point of joining Ms. Caryn weekly in the front of the class. Claire tends to sit back and observe, quietly participating in class, and more actively showing us what she learned at home. Lenawee County is so lucky to have the Music Together program available!

Tonya, Music Together Mom

We started our son Preston when he was 5 months old. When they are that little it doesn't look like much is happening on the outside, but there is SO much happening on the inside. Their little brains are working away and processing so much of what they are seeing and hearing. I have read some research lately that points to this fact that children introduced to music at an early age and surrounded by it will grow up to be more musically inclined and have better communication skills (woo hoo!). Now that Preston is 14 months we are starting to see him participate more during class by repeating sounds being sung, acting out hand motions, and making musical gestures. At home we also see him repeating tons of speaking sounds, and also repeating musical sounds in call and response songs. It is awesome!!! We love Ms. Caryn:)


Sarah, Music Together Mom

I love to watch the ripple effect when we aren't in music class. My daughter will hold a steady beat while singing to other music and dance. Her enthusiasm for the program and love for the instructor warms my heart.

Abby, Music Together Mom

This music class was so interactive and fun, our kids couldn't wait to go each week and referred to it as 'dance' class!  Miss Caryn was sure to give each child individual attention and love during every class.


Amanda, Music Together Mom

I'm so glad that we finally have a children's music program in Lenawee County!  My children love this class and the music!  Caryn has a beautiful voice and is wonderful with the children.  When I put my 2-year old daughter to bed I often hear her singing herself to sleep with music from the class!

Christy, Music Together Mom

The music is so appealing to children, our six-month old even has a favorite song.  Every time he hears "Fireworks", his face lights up!



Dan, Music Together Dad

Caryn is a wonderful and patient teacher. She has an excellent voice and does a great job of getting the children involved and moving around...

Kathy, Music Together Mom

I like the egg shakers and ringing the bell at music!

Lia, MT Child - Age 3